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Medium- to Long-term Fellowships are available for established scientists, post-doctorate fellows, and public health officials. Please see ACEGID’s website for more information: Applications are due: 28 February 2022


The medium to long-term fellowship will cover travel, accommodation, and a daily stipend (around US$50). We will prioritize the selection of individuals from national institutes of health and academic organizations in Africa that already have SARS-CoV-2 genomic data production and analysis experience and need to build skills in statistics, epidemiology, wet-lab genomic data production, bioinformatics and phylogenetic data analysis.

The majority of the fellowships will be provided to African researchers. However, we also encourage established international scientists and post-doctoral fellows from other regions of the world to also apply for the fellowship given they are committed to contributing to institution-building work in the hosting African institutions and/or c on-site training of African fellows.